Friday 1st June : An Evening With Angi Jones - 'Colour Me Beautiful'

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Friday 1st June : An Evening With Angi Jones - 'Colour Me Beautiful'

Friday 01 June 2018


Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Ray Stitch Presents An Evening with Angi Jones - We have carefully curated an event programme packed full with talks from inspiring designers, innovators and creators. 

Join Colour Me Beautiful's top consultants Angi Jones at Ray Stitch to discover the colours that give you confidence and get you compliments, those that make you look happy and feel great. 

Angi will explain how she finds the colour combinations that work best for you. The colours that will help you be creative, peaceful, active or successful at work! Whether you need a bit of help choosing the right fabric for your next make or feel overwhelmed when shopping for clothes, Angi can help guide you to the right colours that suit you. 

Angi Jones in fashion as a model, but after bringing up my family she joined the conference team at Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs. This then led her into fundraising with many national charitable organisations and finally to ASPIRE, raising funds to help people with spinal cord injury. Angi has recently edited a book for ASPIRE, called 'It's My Life', where she interviewed people who have suffered a spinal cord injury and wrote their inspirational stories.

Angi's work with Colour Me Beautiful has lead her to meet with corporate clients as diverse as presenters from BBC, ITV and BBC Radio, chairmen of major city firms, voluntary sector personnel, teachers, doctors, writers, journalists, lawyers, groups from the NHS and BT and the government! All have enjoyed and benefited from her creative colour consultations!

This two hour event begins with a 30 minute reception with free drinks and snacks followed by an hour’s talk and then a 30 minute Q and A at the end.