Monthly Archives: August 2010

  • Hot Patterns!

    Take a look at our brand new sewing patterns from 'Hot Patterns' in the US. We've selected 24 from their extensive range - something to suit all you stylish ladies out there. We were spoiled for choice because they use great classic styles and the patterns, being very versatile, can be used again and again. They're probably not suitable for complete beginners but sewers with a little bit of experience could tackle them with confidence. We checked online pattern reviews and they get very good recommendations. Check out the Hot Patterns website for lots of useful extra sewing information.

    Find them in our Books and Patterns section here


  • Newsletter out this week!

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  • New Fabric

    We have had LOTS of new fabrics in lately, and - after the very time-consuming excercise of loading them onto the website - we can finally bring them to you!

    Take a look at these lovely new collections:


    'Hope Valley' from Denyse Schmidt
    - gorgeous vintage-tinged fabrics evoking the country landscape of depression era America.

    'Nicey Jane' from Heather Bailey - cheerful and bright, think summer picnics and light, summer afternoons.

    'Botany' from Lauren and Jessie Jung - characteristically quirky designs using natural motifs and bold colours.

    'Rural Jardin' from French General - subtle blues and reds in the style of 17th Century French country furnishings.

    All are available as Fat Quarter bundles. Have a look at all our bundles here.

    And there's more!

    We have significantly increased our Organic Cotton Plains range and now have some very nice organic voiles and gorgeous herbal dyed, organic cotton cambric. Have a look at them here.

    And still more...!!


    Five new fabrics in our Spots, Stripes and Checks department - all of them organic. Take a look at all of them here. And you might notice while you're looking at all our fabulous NEW STUFF, that the website has had a bit of a tidy up and we've organised the fabric a little bit. Take your time and enjoy!