Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Cloud 9 Nature Walk - Arrived!


    It's properly here, the whole range is now available in the Ray Stitch shop.

    Now we've seen it in real life, we can tell you that Nature Walk is really very lovely. The colours, which are much richer than those in the earlier collections, are gorgeous and - as is always the case with Cloud 9 - the designs and colours work together beautifully across the range.

    See for yourselves, request a full swatch set from

    And have a look at all the Cloud 9 collections and other organic prints here.

  • Amy Butler - Soul Blossoms


    Good news for Amy Butler fans.... to make sure we're good and ready for spring when it comes, we have here Amy's latest, knock-em-dead collection - Soul Blossoms!

    True to her bright and beautiful form, the designs are really amazing. They're absolutely the thing to brighten up these dreary grey days, and we thoroughly recommend you get ahead of the game and start planning some spring creations to make use of them.

    soul blossoms long

    We've also got three new Amy Butler spring patterns: the very beautiful reversible Sandalwood Jacket which can be made long or short and two belted raincoats - one for big girls and one for little girls. These would be excellent in oilcloth but you could also use regular fabric to make a very stylish, lightweight, hooded spring coat. Find all Amy Butler's patterns here....


  • New Fabric

    New fabrics from two of our favourite designers. Both are characteristically beautiful but they're very different!

    Lauren and Jessi Jung's newest range - Hideaway - is typically quirky, quaint and vivid, with kitsch mountain village motifs and sweetie-shop colours. It's all very evocative of bright days and fresh, spring air and is inspiring us to think of several little things we can make to brighten the place up. Find them here in our Designer Cotton Prints section.



    Similarly quirky but in quite a different mood, French General have used a far more sober colour palette of antique blues, browns and reds for their newest range - La Petite Ecole. As always, their colours work excellently with the traditional patterns and illustrations and, as always, we love them. Have a proper look at our selection from the range here.


    La petit ecole sq


  • Colour-Grown Organic Cotton.


    Cotton was once grown in shades of cream, green and white, but over time breeders selected it to be just white. Very recently, certain producers have reverted to traditional practices in order to address ever-increasing concerns over the use of chemical dyes and this beautiful fabric, sourced from China, is a result of that.
    Our new range of colour-grown cotton is available in three remarkably distinct shades, each with their own unique quality. Have a look at it here or email to request swatches.