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  • Violet and Ginger - New Colette Patterns

    new colette

    Brand new in stock -  two hot-off-the-press patterns from Colette.

    This is the first time Colette have offered us separates and they have started out with Violet and Ginger - a couple of simple summer classics - "Cute basics that are fun to put together, suitable even for beginners, and have endless possibilities for variation"

    We know they'll both be popular because simple separates are something we're always being asked for at Ray Stitch. Simple skirt patterns particularly are surprisingly hard to come by. You don't need a great deal of fabric for Ginger - about 1.5m - and it's very straightforward, making it a great quick fix addition to the holiday wardrobe.

    Order them here...


    "Violet is a lovely blouse with a loose and easy fit. The lack of waist darts not only gives it swingy 60s style, but makes it very easy to add embellishments like tucks or insertions. You can make Violet with short sleeves or full gathered sleeves with elastic."


    "Ginger is a simply shaped a-line skirt with three different waistband variations: a straight waistband, a pointed waistband, and a heart-shaped waistband. Not only that, but version 3 is cut on the bias, allowing you to use stripes for a cool chevron effect. The instructions are explicit and filled with helpful tips and definitions."

    Visit the Colette Patterns Blog for more information about the patterns and links to tutorials coming soon....

  • Hot Patterns - Metropolitan Agostini Moto Jacket

    We absolutely love this super-cool, light-weight jacket from Hot Patterns! Check it out - and more new Hot Patterns  - here....



  • Stripes!

    3 lovely new stripes in our Spots, Stripes and Checks section.

    In topically patriotic red and blue, these teeny stars and stripes make for a very sweet, shirting style print - great for making something light and simple. Find these two designs from Charlevoix by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson for Moda fabrics here - £11 per metre.


    And below is a very original, school pad stripe complete with a red margin! A little hard to convey in an online image, but be assured it's a lovely, subtly striped, medium weight cotton with a quirky twist. Find it  here - £11.00 per metre.