Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Laminated Fabrics

    The combination of the much-improved weather and these lovely vinyl coated fabrics means that we can now make all our activities al-fresco!

    These stylish prints are fully waterproof making ideal outdoor table coverings to brighten up the garden. They'd also be perfect for bags or - we hate to be the reality police - raincoats for those inevitable summer showers.

    See the full range of designs here, all are available by the half metre.

    black lace 1

    lamimated fabrics

    white mums 2

    echino squares 1

  • Re-vamped, re-stocked, top-notch habby department....


    We've really been stocking up on the habby over the last few months and - finally - we have it all up on the website. We've carefully selected the best tools and accessories from our various suppliers - our favourites are the products that are popular in the shop and that we've had good feedback from - and obviously those that are the best value and quality. For the fabulously ever-growing numbers of quilters, we've created a whole new Patchwork and Quilting section which includes lots of Clover products, and because we're all over Clover at the moment, we've given them their own section too.

    Take a look at all our habby here...

  • Finnish Designer Upholstery Prints

    upholstery stairs

    Our many trips up and down the stairs have been  brightened up lately by the addition of our new Finnish upholstery fabrics. We love them so much we made new slings for all our deckchairs with them, but the weather has been so grim and deckchair unfriendly we thought we'd hang the slings on the wall until the sun comes out. Aren't they fab? The rolls are wide and the prints are BIG, several people have already used them as wall hangings. They are entirely suitable for  upholstery or furnishing projects as well as for statement clothing (orange geese print dress - been done!) - we've got a couple of bean bags in the pipeline. At £22/m they are extremely good value for upholstery fabrics.  Check out all the prints here...