Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Architextures

    Carolyn Friedlander is a designer working from her hometown of Lake Wales, Florida. Her work draws inspiration from features of the Florida landscape—its long leaf pines, palmettos, water, scrub land and sand. But what is most evident in this unique collection of prints that make up Architextures, is her background in architecture (the clue is in the name!) Having an architectural background here at Ray Stitch, we are in full appreciation of these lovely fabrics. Very cleverly, Carolyn has blended architectural drawings and symbols with a very appealing palette of colours and the prints are perfectly pitched - quirky but subtle.

    Take a look at her lovely quilt designs on her website and blog and find Architextures in our shop here...




  • Organic, Low-Impact, Hand-Woven Fabric

    These gorgeous stripes are brought to us by MORALFIBRE, a highly ethical organisation who seek to bring the greatest possible benefit to their rural producers. The fabric making process uses almost no electricity and no harmful chemicals so, if low-impact, organic, ethically sourced fabrics are important to you, you will appreciate the beauty AND virtuousness of these....



  • Simple Marks - Malka Dubrowsky


    We're very inspired by this collection of Batik style prints from Malka Dubrawsky. We've only just come across her designs - via Moda - but we love the rich colours and organic shapes of these fabrics. Very Toast catalogue - what do you think?