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  • Late Class Addition, 4th and 11th Feb...


    We've added a late date dressmaking class to our new year calendar, an evening two-parter featuring The Dress Shirt - another stylish and versatile Merchant and Mills pattern which works in very many different fabric types.

    The cost of the class is £90 which includes the pattern and all sundry materials, you just need to bring along approx 1.75m of fabric. Click here for more details and to book...

  • Goodbye Cafe, Hello Pattern Bar...

    We were very sad to lose our cafe at the end of last year. After much deliberation, our desperate need for space for more sewing patterns and fabric outweighed our attachment to the buzzy vibe of the cafe. We met many lovely folk through the cafe and would like to think that we sparked a sewing interest in a few who had just popped in for a coffee!

    So, in it's place we now have a 'Pattern Bar'. A pattern filing system and a long, clear surface on which to lay out patterns, fabric etc for easy project planning. We've also been able to bring some of  our 1.5m rolls upstairs and increase our stock of Liberty prints - Yay! Take a look at the recent arrivals here and watch this space for another big delivery in Feb.

    Here's a couple of pics of the new space - and of the lovely Julie Arkell who popped in to look at the pretty Tana Lawns. (If you're a Julie A fan, have a look at these lovely gathered top workshops she's put together for us this spring...!)




  • Carolyn Friedlander - Botanics

    botanics grid

  • Camber Love

    Like many of you, we all at Ray Stitch took a little pile of patterns home with us before Christmas with the aim (faint hope?) of doing a bit of sewing over the holidays. Some of us were more successful than others at achieving that goal but we've seen a fair few lovely home made garments parading through the shop over the last week or so.

    One of the most popular, it being a quick and simple, make-it-up-in-anything pattern, has been the Camber Set by Merchant and Mills. We've seen it made up in allsorts - prints, linens, jerseys, long versions, short versions, you name it.

    Rachel and Michelle went went for a couple of lovely Nani Iro prints (see below) both quite different but both worked the style equally well.

    If you've been eyeing up the pattern and would like to have a go, we're running a two-part 'Make a Camber Dress' class in the sewing school this month. The first (evening) sessions sold out pretty quickly so we've added a Saturday all-dayer on 25th Jan. Why not give it a try? We thoroughly recommend the pattern for it's versatility and can guarantee you'll make it up more than once!

    Class details are here (the pattern is included).

    camber m 1

    camber m 2

    camber r 1

    camber r 2