Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • One-hundred-and-one summer dresses....

    Have you taken a look at our pattern section lately? It's heaving...!

    We've managed to squeeze patterns into every nook and cranny of the shop since our cafe closed, and now - finally - we have them all on the site.

    There's a great selection of Simplicity, Burda and New Look seasonal styles to choose from - something for everyone. So have a look through and turn your fabric stash into some exciting summer outfits....


  • New Nani Iro prints and what you might want to do with them.....!

    ibuku 1

    ibuku 1-2

    lay 1

    lay 3

    ni rainbow ball 3

    shine 1

    shine 5

    ni fu ball 2

  • New Arrivals From Japan...

    The first instalment of our long-awaited delivery from Japan has arrived!

    As you can imagine, there's much excitement in the shop - move over wintry plains and make way for colour and pattern - BIG TIME!

    Look at these beautiful LAVA prints on Barkcloth - not actually made with bark as it originally was but with the same slubby weave, very reminiscent of 1950's curtains with those amazing kitschy prints.



    And this lightweight linen canvas with fantastic vibrant graphic good in so many ways!

    Have a browse and watch this space for more Japenese fabrics arriving very soon....

    window stack

    crescent stack

    onion stack