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  • Grainline Studio patterns at Ray Stitch

    Here at Ray Stitch we get very excited by new things, especially when they are well-designed, well-packaged and well-made. Grainline Studio patterns have been on our 'to order' list for many a month due to the furor that our customers have been making over the styles. We are forever looking to expand our offering of patterns and fabrics, championing the independents as well as those that are more commercial and longer established. The current wave of home dressmakers that have experimented and played around with their own patterns brings an excitement to the fore of sewing - something that really hasn't been witnessed since the times gone by of true austerity, the time of rationing and inaccessibility.

    Grainline Studio patterns at Ray Stitch

    What we particularly like about Grainline Studio, is their classic yet contemporary styles. There isn't any fuss, allowing you to concentrate on choosing the perfect fabric and altering the silhouette to suit your needs. For example, if you take a look at Jen of Grainline's blog, she is constantly trying out her styles in different weights of fabric, lengthening a hem, adding longer sleeves... it shows that she is completely involved in her process and that she too champions what she has created to the extent where she is still pushing what can be achieved. We see this with all the independent pattern companies we stock and it is what keeps the spark in dressmaking alive - it's not about creating something for the sake of it, there is a genuine excitement and fulfillment of wellbeing that comes from making garments from scratch. There's a community who take part in the sewalongs, and with social media they are able to share what they have made - a cycle is created where you are inspired again and again and just want to make more! Perhaps this is also conducive to feeling a little depressed that there isn't enough time for it all, but at least for us at Ray Stitch, we are in an environment where we get to share in your dressmaking journey - the spirit of making is kept alive even when we have to prioritise buying buttons and interfacing (you can't make clothes without the essentials after all!)

    Grainline Studio styles

    We're excited about the possibilities of our own Grainline makes, and also sharing in what you make from the patterns. We're thinking... a slouchy bamboo jersey Linden top, a fresh and versatile lightweight indigo denim Alder dress and a quirky Japanese linen-cotton canvas Moss skirt. What will you make?

  • Modelled by Rosie....

    You've seen them all before but not looking as good as this; some recent makes modelled by our Rosie....


    McCalls 6696 Shirt Dress, in Japanese Tuft Weave Check.


    Merchant and Mills Camber Dress in Nani Iro Japanese Print.


    Named Patterns Bly Overalls in Marcia Derse Botanicals print.


    Colette Sencha Blouse in Temple Outline White with Named Clothing Leotie Skirt in Temple Outline Black.


    Merchant and Mills Top 64 in Nani Iro Water Windows Canvas.


    Colette Sencha Blouse in Temple Outline White with Colette Clover Trousers.

  • Hand Block Cotton Prints

    Now stocking these gorgeous, traditional hand block prints from Jaipur courtesy of Merchant and Mills. Lightweight for summer, they'd make perfect floaty trousers, sarongs and dresses for wearing on the beach...

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