Introducing: Advanced Steps Class

Meet the new addition to our Ray Stitch Sewing School repertoire - 'Dressmaking Techniques for the Proficient Seamstress'! Aimed at those who have already taken our Next Steps class or have similar beginner dressmaking skills, this class hopes to give you a step up in confidence and proficiency so that you can tackle any commercial pattern (or indeed your own).


Advanced Steps


The techniques covered in the three-hour class are: blind hemming (using the machine), pin hem (for delicate fabrics), French seam, flat felled seam, invisible zip, lapped zip and one-step buttonhole. Our teacher Moyna really knows her stuff - having trained at the London College of Fashion and consequently worked in the fashion industry for 18 years in various roles including as a pattern cutter, she knows just what is necessary to make your homemade garments look like they've been bought from the very top brands. By taking the time with your finishes, you can add finesse and extended life to your garments - after spending so long laying out the pattern, cutting out your fabric and pinning everything, you would want it to stand the test of time!


Sewing classes at Ray Stitch


If you're not quite confident enough yet to get started with the above techniques, we run a 'Next Steps' class aimed at beginner sewers who would like to advance eventually to dressmaking, or at least pick up some additional skills that would come in handy for making homewares. In this three-hour class you will: learn how to lay and cut out a pattern, mark notches, mark the grainline and mark the seam allowance (probably the most necessary skills for dressmaking!), create darts, insert a channel zip, baste/tack, finish edges (zig zag and turning under), learn how to pipe and create gathers. There's a lot there to take in, but from here you will be able to get started on any beginner sewing pattern - our Advanced Steps class will just give you a bit of an edge in terms of details.


Insert a zip

If these sound like your kind of thing, head on over to our classes page to book, or give the shop a call. For these two classes all you need to bring is yourself and perhaps a notebook and pen. You'll even get 10% off everything in the shop for 2 weeks after your class, as well as 10% off any further class bookings made in that time. The classes are a maximum of 6 people so it will always be a friendly and intimate setting, with plenty of interaction with our talented and patient teachers. In the meantime, check out our Pinterest board for some tutorials on often necessary intricate techniques.

Our next Advanced Steps classes will be on: Thursday 7th May 7-10pm, followed by Thursday 21st May 7-10pm and Friday 5th June 7-10pm. Next Steps will run on: Saturday 9th May 2-5pm and Saturday 6th June 2-5pm.


Words by Steph.