Merchant and Mills

Merchant and Mills have recently produced a new series of multi-sized, tissue patterns for the first time. You may already be familiar with their brilliantly simple and beautifully styled ladies-wear patterns which have up until now only been available as card templates. Designer Carolyn Denham has taken 3 of the most popular of these (Top 64, The Trapeze Dress and The Dress Shirt) plus 3 brand new styles (The Factory Dress, The Camber Set and The 101 Trouser) and packaged them up in a functional and stylish paper pack.

Needless to say, we love the new designs because they're typical M and M, understated and cool, and because they work so well with so many of our fabrics. (Watch this space for the Ray Stitch team sporting their very own versions of the Camber Set!) The patterns are extremely simple to make and as Carolyn herself says: "the classic, simple designs place emphasis on the cut and silhouette whilst intentionally avoiding detailing and fastenings which can make even the best dress look homemade".

Just a note on sizing, Carolyn says they're based on Toast or M and S sizes which come up slightly on the generous size. Take a look at all 6 new patterns here...

camber set

factory dress-2

101 trouser-2

trapeze 3