More Hearty Good Wishes

Last week we welcomed Janet Clare's third print collection for Moda, 'More Hearty Good Wishes'. An extension of her 'Hearty Good Wishes' range from last year, the collection offers such a delightful take on a seaside walk. The hues are deep indigo and natural, with a painterly whitewashed-beach hut background. They depict such imagery as tall ships, seagulls, marram grasses and waves (or perhaps, tiny fish scales) that immediately whisk you away to a fresh Spring day where you're walking along your favourite beach and up the dunes.

Janet Clare More Hearty Good Wishes for Moda


Janet originally trained as a textile and fashion designer, but now enjoys creating masses of quilts, embroideries and some clothing after having kids - anything creative with her hands it seems, as she's an avid gardener too! The inspiration from nature and delicate things made by hand comes through in her print collections for Moda, and indeed in everything else she creates. Her personality shines through, and in the process makes us aspire to be just as present in what we make.


Janet Clare


We love the subtlety of Janet's prints in 'More Hearty Good Wishes'. We see them as sweet tea dresses, jacket linings, full circle skirts and shirts. Of course, being that Janet is a quilter, you can most definitely take inspiration from her patterns to create your own quilts and homewares. Combine them with 'A Field Guide', her second collection to lift the blues, and add more characteristic natural textures. Think of the Norfolk Broads where the air is fresh and the grasses plentiful, or of Cornwall where the azure seas juxtapose the light sands... The mini charm pack for the collection is actually called Ambleside, so if you're not inclined towards the sea but more to lakes, think of an leisurely amble by the lake shore with the breeze blowing the reeds.


Janet Clare mood board


Especially here in the city, time in the outdoors and being out in the fresh air is precious to us, so anything that allows us to step outside of the everyday gives us joy. The familiarity that clothes give us - whether a comfy cardigan we've had for 10 years, an embroidered trim that reminds us of our grandparents' stitching, or just a colour that sends us back to a place in our memory - affects our wellbeing and consequently, it's comprehensible that the things we wear everyday should hold some sort of sensory affectation. The sky is grey and perhaps we're doing the same thing we did yesterday, but the top we have on exports us to something simpler and happier...

Truthfully, we're quite select with our print collections, rarely stocking a full range, but with Janet Clare we just can't resist. The classic tones, the inky drawings and the printed textures are just so versatile working across dressmaking, quilting and homewares, but alongside other prints and plains too. (Stay tuned in the coming months for something else from Janet in-store...)

Here are some suggestions of fabric to coordinate with your selection of 'More Hearty Good wishes'...

Fabrics from Ray Stitch

From top left clockwise: Cotton Needlecord Navy £14/m 140cm wide / Robert Kaufman Indigo Twill £15/m 150cm wide / Organic Heavyweight Loomstate Linen £16/m 142cm wide / Merchant and Mills Laundered Linen Rodeo Blue £19/m 143cm wide / 3 Sisters Paris Map Old £14/m 110cm wide / Essex Linen Denim £15/m 110cm wide


Words by Steph.