Nancy Nicholson

We are so excited that Nancy Nicholson is going to be here with us at the end of the month to teach an embroidery workshop!

Nancy trained in graphic design at Maidstone College of Art, before going on to complete her MA in fine art at the RCA, gradually establishing her distinctive use of bold and playful prints across textiles and paper craft. We have stocked Nancy's embroidery kits in our shop for a while now and love how so easily they can be picked up by someone starting out with the craft, as well as those who would just like a project (a lot have been taken on long haul flights!)

Nancy Nicholson Teapot Stitch Kit

Nancy Nicholson Cat Stitch Kit

Nancy Nicholson Love Bird Stitch Kit


With two artist residency posts at local schools, Nancy shows that she truly does believe in exploring visual creativity in order to motivate learning. It's all too easy with many crafty things to not know where to start, even with the abundance of social media to give us the inspiration. Nancy's kits are created with transfers so that you can stitch over the lines, exploring techniques as you go along. So whilst you've got a helping hand with where to start, you can play around with the actual art of embroidery as opposed to worrying about whether if what you're doing is correct.

Nancy Nicholson Love Bird and Pigeon Cushion Kits

The class here at the Sewing School is aimed at both those who would like to learn the basics, as well as those who want to try something new from someone new. You can learn a fair amount from watching Youtube videos and using reference books, but it's more than likely that you learn better by watching in the flesh, with someone on standby to give you guidance and tips. Spend a leisurely Sunday morning with Nancy creating a booklet sampler of traditional and contemporary embroidery techniques, before spending the afternoon using those new-found skills to create a finished panel. If you feel like it, bring along any treasured pieces, favourite fabric scraps and unusual threads to incorporate into your design.

Nancy Nicholson machine embroidery

The workshop is on Sunday 31st May 10am-3pm £85 (price includes lunch, refreshments and materials). You'll also get 10% off in the shop (perhaps get yourself some of Nancy's stitch kits to continue with your work...)

Nancy Nicholson class

In the morning you will learn new or expand on existing stitching techniques, creating a sampler for your reference. Following on from this, you will get the opportunity to use your new skills to stitch on one of Nancy's distinctive embroidery transfers. And then, so you get the most out of Nancy, you'll be able to make a really lovely (and very handy) pincushion. This should be a relaxed and playful Sunday - it may well end up sunny outside, but just think about the fact that you have your morning and your late afternoon and can try out something new.

Nancy Nicholson embroidery sampler

Nancy Nicholson butterfly sampler

Nancy Nicholson pincushion

Nancy is a busy lady, constantly creating things. Check out her blog and Pinterest for some inspiration!