Organic Fabrics for Dressmaking

We're getting in lots of new stock in at the moment as we prepare for our move into the shop and our organic fabric collection has been considerably boosted. We've added a couple of lovely lightweight fabrics -  some brand new gorgeous bamboo silk and some very pretty voile. Also, new lines in our checks and stripes section and herbal dyed cambric cotton in beautiful colours. Find the full collection here.

As you know, we love organic cotton at Ray Stitch and would encourage you to use it as an alternative to non-organic cotton wherever possible. There might be very little discernible difference between the two but the differences in the environmental impact of its production are huge. Non-organic cotton production uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop - only 2% of the world’s cultivated land is planted with cotton but 20% of chemical pesticides and 22% of all insecticides used globally are sprayed on cotton crops. These nasty chemicals have a dangerous effect on the health of those working in the industry and the levels of pollution they create have obvious serious implications for the bio-diversity of the local and global environment.

And as it becomes more popular, organic cotton is becoming more of an affordable alternative. Watch this space for more organics coming your way.....

Organic Fabric for Dressmaking