You may have seen us ranting on Facebook and Instagram about how we have been having a clear out in an attempt to make space for new additions to the Ray Stitch family.

The commercial pattern section in our shop is pretty jam-packed, yet despite this full feeling, we find too often that Simplicity et al will discontinue a pattern and because of their massive (overall similar) repertoire, we end up eith stragglers. This isn't very good for us retailers and, whilst there may still be a similar amount of risk with independent pattern makers, we're keen to test them out moreso than continuing with commercial brands - for the time being. This means that we've cut the prices of the majority of our commercial patterns: Simplicity, New Look, Burda, McCall's, Vogue Vintage to make room, keeping only those styles that we believe are worthwhile for beginners or aren't represented elsewhere from the independents.


Burda patterns £3 to £3.50 Burda patterns £3 to £3.50


Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity at Ray Stitch £5 each Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity at Ray Stitch £5 each


New Look patterns £3.50-£4 each New Look patterns £3.50-£4 each


Simplicity patterns are £5 each Simplicity patterns are £5 each


As everyone has such wildly different tastes and different projects in mind, there's more than likely something that would suit what you are after. There are winter through to summer patterns, menswear, childenswear and of course, womenswear patterns, plenty of dress styles through to jackets and trousers... As most commercial patterns give you an average of three styles per package, you're getting a bargain really!