The Reveal! Our New-Look Pattern Room

We are thrilled to be able to finally show you all the long-awaited refurbished pattern room. As with many projects, there were a few hold-ups along the way but we are so pleased with the final results, and it appears that our customers love it too. We posted a couple of photos on our social media channels but read on to get the full story and a have a good (virtual) nosey around!

The pattern room was in need of reorganising and some creative solutions to the amount of stock we have. Rachel's main concern was to be able to still hold as wide a range as possible but to have many of the patterns on display, so walls of open shelves with stylish brass brackets were installed. Not only does this add to the visual feast as you step into this area, but it is also the best way to make the patterns accessible, and to inspire our customers. We have had many positive reactions so far: "So sophisticated, I love it!", "I’ve never seen so many independent brands before!", "your range is fantastic, this area is so inviting", and even, "Looks gorgeous..I'm moving in!"

Rachel's love of architecture and interior design means that despite the busy shelves, the space feels open and calm; there is our large sofa to sit on and relax, whilst exploring the independent pattern ranges that are now showcased. We have taken the decision to have all of the indie brands on display (women's, men’s and children’s), with each pattern displayed on the shelves, which makes it is easy to find the design and also see the range available for each brand. This has made such a difference for Papercut and new to us, True Bias, which were in a cramped display before. We love being able to bring new independent designers to our customers, and we will be highlighting some of our current favourites in a new blog coming soon.

But fear not, we still have a comprehensive range of Burda, Lisette, McCalls, New Look and Simplicity patterns available - they are in the drawers in the pattern room and if you would like to see some of these, we can happily find them for you. The full range as seen on the website is also available in store so just ask if you need assistance. There is now a computer in the pattern room so we can search for specific patterns or show you the full range on the screen, taking advantage of the extra images online to see what the different styles look like, check the suitable fabrics as well as the quantity of material needed. We hope that this will mean that we can provide excellent advice and inspiration for our customers.


Another important feature that has remained is our bookcase, with carefully curated magazines and publications, instructional technique books, and gorgeous coffee table hardbacks. You can find loads of sewing books, of course, but there are also complimentary interests, lifestyle magazines and journals too. The new space can be used for perusing patterns or books, taking your time to plan future projects, or even just to escape the heat in London for a little while! We hope that you like our improvements and would love to welcome you in the shop soon. If you have any comments we would love to hear them - contact us via Instagram, Facebook or email and please tag us (#raystitch) in your photos. Until next time, happy sewing :)