The slow days are over.

As some of you will know, our site was down for a while this week.

The problem was caused by a rush of visitors to the site after the newsletter went out (yes, it's that good!) which resulted in us being rudely kicked off the shared server by our web host for being too popular. Shucks.

Fortunately, we are now with a much friendlier hosting company and have a server all of our own - which means the site is up and running faster than it ever was before.

We apologise if you experienced the frustrating shut-down, and prior to that, the slow running site as I know many of you did, but please be assured that all those troubles are now behind us and we have a tip top, speedy site running like a dream!

The newsletter offer has been extended to the 1st April so if you've not already received the newsletter, sign up for it now........