Toasty warm brushed cotton flannels!

As is inevitable, the weather changes from day to day but one thing is for sure... we're not about to stop wearing cosy clothing. With the influx of casual garment styles we have in stock now at Ray Stitch - including the (hopefully increasing) menswear range - we are always aspiring to provide you with a variety of fabrics that you can use, whether the weather is inclement or not. So for February, believing that our shirting weight wovens collection will allow you to make clothing that will last throughout the remainder of winter into spring (and have you ready for when autumn quickly rolls around again), we have expanded our range of brushed cotton flannel checks and stripes.

Ray Stitch Brushed Cotton Flannels

Our woven brushed cotton flannels, designed by Moda, are 100% cotton and feature a fluffy right side and a smooth non-fluffy wrong side - though, break conventions and have the fluffy texture on the inside!

Ray Stitch Brushed Cotton Flannels

They are 110cm wide and remember that if you want to be meticulous with your pattern matching, to add more to your fabric requirements (save the scraps for a quilt!) The two plain colours below are our organic brushed cotton flannels and are 120cm wide, woven on small power looms in Kerala.

Ray Stitch Brushed Cotton Flannels

Choosing colours that work well in womenswear and menswear (how about some classic toddler overalls too?), our range offers classic shades in checks and stripes that aren't in your face this-is-a-lumberjack-shirt. Don't get us wrong, lumberjack shirts with the bold checks are quite possibly a wardrobe staple, but generally we think shirting could be more subtle - wearable at work and a casual brunch, something generally more versatile. We have picked out some of our patterns that would be very comfortable in a soft flannel, and easily styled if you want to layer.

   Ray Stitch patterns for flannels


You could also use brushed cotton flannel as a cosy quilt top or backing! We stock organic brushed cotton flannel in super soft white and natural. Don't forget to show us your creations!