Upcoming classes

We know that you were getting crafty over the bank holiday weekend and are now buzzing with ideas - but perhaps you can't manage to set a time aside in your busy weeks to make some of those ideas a reality. We know how it is, so taking a class gives you a reason to take some time out for yourself.

At the Sewing School we have a huge variety of classes coming up that we would like to brag about. Whether you would like to learn something completely new, or spend some time with new (yet likeminded) people, or just fancy adding to your skill base, then check these beauties out...


Advanced Steps helps you to build on your existing sewing skills to become a proficient and neat (!) dressmaker. Make those garments look really professional with industry-experienced Moyna.

Thursday 7th May, 7-10pm £48 (all materials included)

Advanced Steps


Next Steps is for those who have just learnt to sew and are wanting to expand their skills in order to move towards primarily dressmaking, but perhaps homewares too.

Saturday 9th May, 2-5pm and Saturday 6th June, 2-5pm £48 (all materials included)

The Next Step at Ray Stitch


You'll have seen that we have a bit of a crush on Celia Pym's work. It's just so delectable, so exciting, so necessary... Come and learn the art of mending and darning in this day workshop. Share your holey object's history, explore sashico stitching and make your object become useable again.

Sunday 10th May, 11am-4pm £75 (price includes lunch and materials)

Celia Pym sock darning


Freestyle is a returning class for us. Last year it helped intermediate dressmakers bring along something that they were perhaps stuck on, a pattern they needed help adjusting for size or for beginner dressmakers to come along and get a bit of general advice.

Thursday 14th May, 7-10pm and Friday 12th June, 7-10pm £40

Freestyle at Ray Stitch


Camber Set or Dress Shirt is a frequent class for us. Aimed at beginner dressmakers, or those who just fancy making up something new (perhaps you've never heard of Merchant and Mills and would like to see what the fuss is about), this class shows you just what's possible in a day. You will cut out the pattern to size, lay it out for optimal fabric use (maybe help with matching prints too) and then of course make up the garment.

Saturday 16th May, 9.30am-5pm £95 (price includes the pattern and your lunch)

Camber Set at Ray Stitch


The Kielo Dress is a new one to our repertoire. At the end of last year we started stocking Named Clothing patterns. As with all independents, it takes some practice to understand what they're like and it's always best to share this knowledge. The Kielo is a straightforward pattern that can be made in all sorts of fabric weight, but the pattern does need to be traced. So come along to this class and learn how to trace and mark patterns to industry standard, cut out large pattern pieces to utilise fabric and of course make up this versatile dress.

Sunday 17th May, 9.30am-5pm £105 (price includes the pattern and your lunch)

Kielo in Robert Kaufman


Julie Arkell is one of our favourites. Just spending a day with her stitching is a piece of heaven. She has such a distinct personality that shines through in her work, and you get the opportunity to come and learn from her (and really, just have a nice day). Let your imagination run wild, and come away with some lovely hand-stitched treasured brooches.

Saturday 23rd May, 12-6pm £95 (price includes materials and lunch)

Julie Arkell at Ray Stitch


We have been stocking Nancy Nicholson embroidery kits for some time, so we're very excited to have Nancy come here to do a workshop at the end of the month. Even if you're not aware of Nancy's work, come along to learn some hand-stitching techniques and leisurely explore your creativity.

Sunday 31st May, 10am-3pm £85 (price includes lunch and materials)

Nancy Nicholson at Ray Stitch


Our Introduction to Machine Sewing classes really do the trick in giving newbies to sewing some confidence to get going. We run 6-week courses as well as these individual courses. Learn basic machine stitches, cutting out patterns and then the absolute joy at making a tote bag. We don't think there's anyone who leaves and doesn't want to sew again. You just get the bug don't you? Perhaps stay on for the afternoon's Next Steps class to progress your sewing even further in just a day!

Saturday 6th June, 10am-1pm £45 (all materials included) Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.32.23


Jane Brocket is massively popular in the quilting world. She comes along with her suitcases of quilts and there isn't a session when we don't see something new. She is bursting with inspiration for colour and shape (just follow her Instagram and you'll get a taster). This class is aimed at those wanting to explore colour theory and experiment with quilting shapes as opposed to the construction of quilts, so expect a day of playing.

Sunday 7th June, 10.30am-5pm £95 (price includes lunch and refreshments)

Jane Brocket at Ray Stitch


Phew. There's more than this going on in the next few weeks, but hopefully this will whet your appetite. Call the shop on 0207 704 1060 for more information and to book, or book directly online. You will receive 10% off any classes and items in the shop purchased within 2 weeks of your class, or towards any supplies for your class.