Wallace Sewell - new pin cushions and sewing pouches.

Look at these lovely pin cushions and sewing pouches made with fabric by fabulous woven textile designers Wallace Sewell. (Check out their scarves and other products at www.wallacesewell.com.)

The pouches, either filled or unfilled, make a great present - the lady who makes them says she gives a filled one to all the young men she knows and they are very well received!  They are actually based on old-fashioned 'hussifs' or 'housewifes', a little mending pouch given to soldiers in the First and Second World Wars to mend their uniforms......"OED definition: case for needles, thread etc. standard issue to British servicemen until sometime around the 1950s, after which time economies resulted in them having to provide their own. Roughly sewn from a rectangle of fabric, with one pocket, a needle-rest, and calico tape ties, it was nevertheless obviously ideal for its purpose and very long-lived."

See the sea urchin pin cushions here and the sewing pouches here.

ws pin and pouch