Zen Chic: Reeltime

We've just welcomed the arrival of Zen Chic's newest collection for Moda. Inspired by old cinemas and film, Reel Time boasts retro geometric shapes in bold block colours. With a background in interior design, Brigitte Heitland (aka Zen Chic) designs her fabric collections aided by the vision of a room: the light, the placement of furniture, the clarity of colour. Her textiles are a good balance of fun and simplicity. She uses clear shapes in a small range of shades, something that makes it easy to utilise the fabric for various uses.

Reel Time at Ray Stitch

Reel Time at Ray Stitch

You may know of Zen Chic as being very much in the quilting limelight (in fact, Brigitte is over at the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis right now). When selecting our fabric collections, whilst we consider all of our customer types e.g. quilter, crafter, dressmaker, at heart we are dressmakers, and so we aim for all of our selections to work across the board.

We see this collection being used in childrenswear due to the bold fun prints that kids most definitely can get away with, as well as in casual holiday shirt dresses, shirts and full skirts for adults. The funky prints depending on the style of the garment could hark back to the 50s, 60s or 70s - all of the eras where cinema and TV were rapidly developing. It's probably rare that you would find such a playful print in an ordinary clothes shop, so we think it's wonderful to be able to use the opportunity of collections like these to create something exciting and quirky.

If you're a quilter, look out for the 5" charm pack and our own-made fat quarter bundles. And share with us what you have made! We're on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (of course).

There's some quilters out there who have already been experimenting with Reel Time. Check out Diary of a Quilter's classic hourglass quilt, A Quilt Is Nice's monochromal flying geese quilt, and Modern Handcraft's super chic triangle quilt (possibly with some Essex Linen blocks?) How about A Spoonful Of Sugar's handy doorstop or Lucky Lucille's swish quilted knitting bag...

Diary of a Quilter Reeltime quilt

A Quilt Is Nice Reeltime quilt

Modern Handcraft Reeltime quilt



Words by Steph.