Prym 673170 - Universal Self Cover Button Tool

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Prym 673170 - Universal Self Cover Button Tool


Universal cover button tool for sizes 11-29mm from Prym. Use to easily press fiddly cover button pieces together.

The universal tool for coverable buttons by Prym makes it even easier to create personalised, covered buttons. This tool, made of soft plastic, offers the right mould, in which the fabric is secured onto the upper part of the button, for the five sizes from 11 mm to 29 mm. This ensures that the fabric smoothly covers the button and cannot slip. The button's metal cover can be firmly pressed with the help of the blue cover plate. On the rear side of the packaging you can find illustrated instructions and a cutting pattern in five different sizes for the fabric to be cut. Tip: you can also lightly use a rubber mallet on the back if you cannot press hard enough.

Code: 673 170