London Craft Week: Stitch Action with Richard McVetis

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London Craft Week: Stitch Action with Richard McVetis

Friday 10 May 2019

Session: 1


Time: 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Level: Complete Beginner

Maximum Class Size: 10

Embroidery is an international language made up from hundreds of stitches. A few of these stitches happen to be the favourite of artist Richard McVetis.

This workshop has been designed especially for our London Craft Week Programme. Participants of this exciting new class will explore the potential of simple stitch techniques and learn how to speak through them in their own unique way to push their practice and artistic identity forward.

A series of activities will be directed by action:

  • Stitch small

  • Stitch long

  • Stitch across

  • Stitch to connect

  • Stitch to fill

  • This is an experimental approach to stitch and draws on the imagination of each participant. Create textures and patterns, work a stitch in different threads changing its scale and spacing, work freely, and combine stitches to mark make and draw. Practical help will be given by demonstrating the many ways in which this can be achieved using the most simple of hand embroidery techniques, no knowledge of particular and precise embroidery techniques are needed. We will explore the slowness and rhythms of hand stitching; the versatility and strengths of embroidery for drawing and mark making; and the pleasure in having time to make.


  • To develop traditional hand embroidery skills

  • To translate your own your thoughts and inspiration into stitch

  • To develop an understanding of embroidery as a contemporary art medium

  • A few examples of Richards work will be on show along with artist and book references.

    Materials are provided as well as snacks and refreshments.

    Taking a class at Ray Stitch entitles you to 10% off in the shop and further class bookings made within two weeks of finishing this workshop.

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    Richard McVetis MA RCA

    Finalist of the 2018 Loewe Craft Prize, Richard McVetis is once of the leading contemporary hand embroidery artists in the UK today. His minimalist work is an endless exploration, not just of form but also of the reclamation and potential of process and repetition within in stitch. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries, art fairs and museums across the world including the UK, Iceland, Ukraine, South Korea and the USA.

    His process is labour-intensive and centres on the use of hand embroidery that reflects a preoccupation with the repetitive nature of process, exploring the subtle differences that emerge through ritualistic and habitual making.

    McVetis, is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in 2008, he lives and works in London. Find examples of his work here